The Social Security Trustees Explain Their Productivity Assumptions
We Mourn...

Ezra Klein Has Joined the Collective!

Welcome, Ezra! You have been successfully assimilated!

However, he is really horrified:

Ezra Klein: Social Security Trustees Report: By the way, two years ago, when I was starting at UC Santa Cruz and spending a great deal of my time intoxicated, I really didn't think I'd ever be disappointed because I couldn't read the latest Social Security Trustees Report in a timely fashion. I mean, Jesus, what's happened to me? I can't even drink yet (well, legally), and yet I'm genuinely fascinated by actuarial assumptions regarding the long-term fiscal health of the state-run pension program? You must be kidding me.

Of course, he cannot hold a candle to Mark Schmitt's daughter:

The Decembrist: You know you've been in Washington too long...: when your 3-year-old interrupts at the dinner table and complains, 'I don't know anything about PAYGO!' The sad thing is, we've only been here for six months!

Resistance to assimilation is futile.