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From the New York Times Dining section:

The New York Times > Dining & Wine > K.P. With the Culinary Arts: "CONDITIONS at the 30th National Military Culinary Championships here were almost identical to those in Mosul, Iraq: 36 degrees, snow and driving winds.... [A]ll the cooks have seen battlefields, or probably soon will.... Staff Sgt. Jesus Camacho, the Army's reigning king of sugar sculpture, recently finished a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Last Wednesday, the 6-foot-2, 220-pound sergeant spent 90 minutes creating an undersea tableau: a lobster on a bed of coral, near a green wine bottle with a message curled inside, all made from sugar. In Afghanistan, he was responsible for feeding 500 soldiers a day. 'There's no time to practice sugar when you're deployed,' he said. 'But at night I would read Pastry magazine.'