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I'll Stop Calling This Crew "Orwellian" When They Stop Using 1984 as an Operations Manual


Marshall Whitman praises Joe Lieberman:

Bull Moose: The Moose has a mind-meld with the esteemed Senator from Connecticut over the bankruptcy bill. The Moose salutes Senator Lieberman for his strong stand against this flawed legislation. The Senator stated,

'I have always supported bankruptcy reform legislation in the Senate when it has reflected a bipartisan effort to enact a balanced bill for both debtors and creditors and I have opposed it when confronted with a bill that seemed one-sided. This is not a balanced bill. I voted against this bill because it failed to close troubling loopholes that protect wealthy debtors, and yet it deals harshly with average Americans facing unforeseen medical expenses or a sudden military deployment. The Senate simply rejected out of hand many worthwhile amendments that would have protected these and other working Americans who find themselves in dire financial straits through no fault of their own. As a result, I believe this is a seriously flawed bill and I am disappointed at its passage.'

This should be a lesson for all those lefties who have been in a full-throated fury against Joe. He is a Democrat in the proud tradition of Truman, JFK and Scoop...

Marshall Whitman's praise is greeted by laughter.

You see, Lieberman voted to close debate on the bankruptcy bill--a vote where 41 votes against would have stopped the bill dead. He only voted against the bill on the final passage vote, where 51 votes were needed to stop it. Thi way Lieberman can truthfully assure his banking-industry contributors that he did the heavy lifting in order to make sure that the bill passed. And he can also convince people like Marshall Whitman--who don't look under the surface of Senate procedure--that he voted against the "seriously flawed" bill and is "disappointed at its passage."

In short, Joe Lieberman has played Marshall Whitman for a fool, and Marshall fell for it.

Marshall Whitman needs to reconsider his political commitments. A politician who makes you look like a fool when you believe what he says--that's not a politician worth supporting.