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Why Are We Ruled by These Liars? (Nuclear Material to Libya Edition)

They do lie about everything. Everything. From the Road to Surfdom:

the road to surfdom:I know it's hard to believe that the Bush administration would lie about anything to do with weapons of mass destruction, but apparently the Bush administration lied--to allies--about weapons of mass destruction:

In an effort to increase pressure on North Korea, the Bush administration told its Asian allies in briefings earlier this year that Pyongyang had exported nuclear material to Libya. That was a significant new charge, the first allegation that North Korea was helping to create a new nuclear weapons state.

But that is not what U.S. intelligence reported, according to two officials with detailed knowledge of the transaction. North Korea, according to the intelligence, had supplied uranium hexafluoride -- which can be enriched to weapons-grade uranium -- to Pakistan. It was Pakistan, a key U.S. ally with its own nuclear arsenal, that sold the material to Libya. The U.S. government had no evidence, the officials said, that North Korea knew of the second transaction.

Thanks to Laura Rozen for the link.

The lying to allies is one thing. To do it to protect probably the biggest single WMD-terrorist-threat nation on earth, Pakistan, is another. The fact that the lies subsequently buggered up ongoing negotiations between North Korea, China and South Korea is just icing on the cake.

But hey, did someone say lying about WMD?

It seems the head of Britain's MI6, Richard Dearlove, has revealed that he advised the Blair government nine months before the invasion that the Bush administration was planning to go to war with Iraq come what may, and that ''The facts and intelligence' were being 'fixed round the policy' by US President George Bush's Administration'.