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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Economist-on-Wolfowitz Edition)

Simply bizarre: | The World Bank: But [Wolfowitz's] lack of experience in the development community does not necessarily make him a bad candidate. Having served under Donald Rumsfeld during the controversial ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’, Mr Wolfowitz might, some argue, be well placed to bring radical change to an organisation sorely in need of it...

Should one say that this Rumsfeldian "Revolution in Military Affairs" simply has not happened? That with the exception of the 3rd ID's masterful outflanking march on Baghdad, Rumsfeld's tenure at the Pentagon has not seen a revolutionary modernization of the U.S. military but (a) attrition as too-few soldiers are tied down in Iraq on military police missions they are not organized for, (b) waste of money on missile defense systems that do not work, and (c) Abu Ghraib? That "radical change" is not good in itself if the people undertaking it have no clue what kind of change is desirable?

The Economist needs to shape up quickly if it wants to keep its reputation.