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Adrian Hon Tells Me to Like Serenity/Firefly

He writes:

Anyway, I for one welcome our new Serenity overlords. I bought the Firefly DVD set on the strength of numerous recommendations from forums and friends, despite not being a real Whedon fan (I didn't watch Buffy or Angel), and I loved it. Very dramatic, very funny and unconventional SF. Good dialogue and characters as well.

Much of Firefly's poor performance when it was on TV was down to Fox, as usual. They aired the series completely out of order, showing the pilot last, and also weren't sure how to promote it. It was primarily on the strength of the massive DVD sales that Universal decided to make it into a movie, something pretty much unheard of for a TV show cancelled after 14 episodes. The fact that it has a 5 star rating at averaged over 1278 reviews speaks to how much people liked it. A quick google search of "firefly dvd review" also brings up a bunch of highly positive reviews from DVD sites.

I'm sure we've had conversations about Firefly on the list a few times before and a lot of people liked it...

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