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First Quarter GDP Growth Slows

The Future of Higher Education?

In comments, Ralph recommends The Teaching Company:

For the past five years, since retirement, I have been purchasing video lectures by prominent professors on a variety of subjects, put out by the Teaching Company. My interests have centered on Ancient and Modern European history. My expectations were exceeded by the quality of the lectures. They are really amazingly good. A recent example is a lecture on "the long 19th century: Europe from 1789 to 1917" by Prof Robert I Weiner of Lafayette College. There are 33 lectures about 45 minutes each. He covers topics like the French Revolution, the Napoleonic era, French history after Napoleon, Germany unification, Italian unification, diplomacy under Metternich, Bismarck, and post-Bismarck to WW I. Admittedly, this is one of the better products I have purchased and most were bought at sale prices. But as I have mentioned my expectations were exceeded.

They're not cheap. But I would recommend my friend Tim Taylor, who has done four very good lecture series for them: