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Craig Thomas, Senator from Wyoming, Should Resign Today

Craig Thomas, Senator from Wyoming, should resign today. He's a real embarrassment. Max Sawicky reports:

MaxSpeak, You Listen!: MAXSPEAK
: At Senate Finance Committee hearing this morning, Senator Craig Thomas (R-WY) distinguished himself as the dumbest ass I have ever had the misfortune to observe at a Congressional hearing. The witness was David Walker, Comptroller-General of the Governmental Accountability Office. Thomas started criticizing the GAO for failing to solve the 'tax gap,' evidently unaware that this was the task of a little thing called the Internal Revenue Service, and ultimately of Congress and the Senate Finance Committee itself. At one point, Thomas said, 'The GAO is part of the Executive Branch, isn't it?' People of Wyoming! You are being represented by a fool! Save yourselves before it is too late!...