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Fafblog on Pig Diets

Fafblog truly is a national treasure. The New Republic should consider going all-Fafblog all the time:

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.: Juan Cole: Killjoy: Giblets is proud of his beloved pet pig and has decided to reward it with a delicious treat. A treat like dynamite!'You really shouldn't feed dynamite to your pig,' says Juan Cole, mideast expert and professor of pig studies. 'Dynamite has never been a safe feed for pigs and has only resulted in disaster for pigs and the pig community.'

Oh what do you know Juan Cole! Your expertise in the fields of pig history and pig theory just means you have swallowed the standard academic dogma regarding the pig-dynamite dynamic! Giblets has reason to believe his pig will receive fantastic dynapig powers, but Cole has been too heavily indoctrinated by pigs and Arabists to see the truth. 'Dynamite is explosive,' says Juan Cole. 'If you feed it to your pig, your pig will explode.' Now that's just crazy talk motivated by Cole's gloomy dynamite-bashing. If you'll just step aside, Giblets has a pig to feed.