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Godwin's Law Violation at National Review Online

Think Progress is amazed:

: National Review Online has taken things a few steps further...

In this regard, the consumerism and relativism of the West can be just as dangerous as the totalitarianism of the East: It's just as easy to forget about God while dancing to an iPod as while marching in a Hitler Youth rally. There's a difference, to be sure, but hardly anyone would contest the observation that in elite Western society, as in totalitarian Germany, the moral vocabulary has been purged of the idea of sin. And if there's no sense of sin, then there's no need for a Redeemer, or for the Church...

Not only is this a violation of Godwin's Law, it's also completely false. In elite Western society there is an enormously powerful idea of sin. It is a grave sin, for example, for National Review to tell people that God hates for them to use condoms, and thus--for those gullible enough to believe National Review--increase the chances of their dying of AIDS. That sin is unforgivable.