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Marginal Revolution Says It Will Stick Around for More than a Hand or Two

Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok take off their coats, roll up their sleeves, sit down at the table, and admit that they are in the game for the long haul:

Marginal Revolution: Thanks to our readers: We are pleased to have reached two million hits sooner than we had expected. No, I don't know exactly what these figures mean, but I do know I wouldn't be happier if they were lower. When Alex and I started MarginalRevolution, we vowed to do it for two years, and then evaluate where we stood. Two years is not yet here (September 2005), but I am ready to sign for more. Thank you all for reading us, and also for sending your thoughts and suggestions for material. Special thanks to those who have supported our hosting costs, and our book and newspaper subscription costs, with donations.

Very nice to see. If they did not exist (or if they dropped out) we would have to create or recreate them, right Igor?