Praktike recommends "The New American Militarism"

The Economics of Microfinance

Professor: Oh woe!

Grad Student 1: Woe?

Professor: MIT Press has sent me galleys of Beatriz Armendariz de Aghion and Jonathan Morduch (2005), The Economics of Microfinance (Cambridge: MIT Press). It's certain to be excellent--these are very good people.

Grad Student 1: So why is this a problem?

Professor: I'll put it on my bookshelf, and look at it, and think that I ought to write about it, and that these are very good people who are doing important work that ought to be broadly read and thought about, and that I'm not helping.

Grad Student 1: So why not read and think about it?

Professor: Where will I find the time? I'm not a brand. I'm not a distributed anthology intelligence. I know myself. It won't happen.

Grad Student 1: So what are you going to do?

Professor: Find someone else to give it to--if they promise to give it back in four months, when I think I'll have time to read it.

Grad Student 2 (walking by): Did I hear you say that you are giving away copies of the galleys of The Economics of Microfinance?

Professor: Yes. Do you have need of it?

Grad Student 2: I'm taking my orals in the economics of microfinance. I'll give it back when I'm done...