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Jim Henley Has Some Good Advice

He tells us:

Things That Surely Go Without Saying But Don't: Beating captives to death does not exhaust the list of "abuses" one can commit against captives. We know of two people, so far, who had their legs crippled and were hung from the ceiling until they died. We have not been discussing the people who had their legs crippled but weren't hung from the ceiling, the people who were hung from the ceiling and didn't die, or those who were tortured in other ways at Bagram Air Base, but what we know makes it pretty clear such people existed. (For instance people whose legs were beaten, but not to the point of permanent ruin.) The torture apologists will intone "two people two years ago" because that's their established method: exaggerate a detail until it obscures the full story. Don't fall for it.

Fire Donald Rumsfeld. Impeach Richard Cheney. Impeach George W. Bush. Do it now.