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Nick Barlow Explains the British-Election-in-Progress

The British election will be weblogged:

What You Can Get Away With - Nick Barlow's weblog: OK, I have no idea what's going on - Lib Dems lose Newbury on a 6% swing to the Tories, but hold Cheadle (the most marginal LD seat) on a 4% swing away from the Conservatives. Now, Labour hold Edgbaston with the Tories making almost no gain against a 6% drop in Gisela Stuart's vote.

I have no idea what's going on as Labour have now held Ynys Mon (Anglesey) from Plaid, so if anyone has a clue, please say so.

Actually, I'll make one prediction: at the next election, all three main parties will have new leaders.

Hornsey and Wood Green - Lib Dem gain with a 15% swing! Barbara Roche, you just took one hell of a beating!

Current predictions: BBC say 359/201/59, Phil Hunt says 365/190/60.