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White House Chief-of-Staff Andrew Card says that Bush's plan is not Bush's plan:

Carpetbagger Report: White House Chief of Staff Andy Card said yesterday that the Pozen model, touted by the president on national television just a few days ago, isn't the president's plan. When told that the nonpartisan chief Social Security actuary analyzed the proposal laid out by the president and found sweeping cuts to everyone who makes more than $25,000 annually, Card said:

Now, the plan that you put on the table is really not necessarily the president's plan; it's directionally consistent with the president's plan. And we'd like to see Congress start to work taking a look at the plan proposed by Mr. Pozen, for example, where the statistics that you just cited come from, and see if they might make for a better system.

I don't think Card was trying to distance the White House from the Pozen policy so much as distance the president from the idea of having a concrete plan for Social Security. The Pozen plan is "directionally consisten" with what the president wants, but it's not the same thing. What is the White House plan? No one knows. It doesn't appear to exist.