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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Glen Justice of the New York Times Edition)

Charlie Stross's Extremely Well-Received Novel "Accelerando!"

Is here Accelerando!

This free ebook edition is made available by kind consent of my publishers, Ace and Orbit, under a Creative Commons license with certain restrictions attached. In particular, you may not create derivative works or use the work for commercial gain. (We hope that if you enjoy the ebook you'll consider buying a copy of one of the paper editions, but this is the only reminder you'll get. I'm not into shareware with nag screens ...)

Formats: The book is available for reading in HTML, with minimal markup (to make it easier for web clipping utilities to digest it). In addition, zip archives are provided for download in a variety of formats. The primary formats are RTF and conformant HTML 4.0. For direct reading on PDAs and smartphones, a Plucker database is provided. Finally, there are (deprecated) plain text and Palm DOC versions %u2013 these lack typographic markup.

To save my bandwidth and your time, please use BitTorrent in preference to HTTP (web) for downloading, if you know how. (And please consider keeping your BT feed running as a seed for a while afterwards.) Also, please consider grabbing a zip archive of your preferred file format rather than reading the uncompressed HTML version directly off my server. Thanks...