David Sanger of the New York Times Takes a Dive (Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? Department)
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Eric Umansky Is Also Unhappy with David Sanger

He writes:

Iraq's Training Daze By Eric Umansky: That brings us to No. 1. A day after the Post broke word of another prewar British memo, the NYT hops onboard. Presumably not content to simply repeat the WP's angle--'MEMO: U.S. LACKED FULL POSTWAR IRAQ PLAN'--the Times gets creative: 'PREWAR BRITISH MEMO SAYS WAR DECISION WASN'T MADE.' That headline hangs on a single clause of a single sentence in the 2,300-word memo:

Although no political decisions have been taken, US military planners have drafted options for the US Government to undertake an invasion of Iraq.

As it happens, the memo was first obtained by the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sunday Times (U.K.). Its headline: 'MINISTERS WERE TOLD OF NEED FOR GULF WAR 'EXCUSE.'

It's not just the headline: it's the entire lead: "A memorandum written by Prime Minister Tony Blair's cabinet office in late July 2002 explicitly states that the Bush administration had made 'no political decisions' to invade Iraq..."