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Hog Bay Software Is Happy

It writes, about its excellent Hog Bay Notebook program:

Macworld, Four Stars: We've just had our first (I think) mention in Macworld magazine. I was just wandering through the bookstore checking out the latest issues (I mean reading my own copy that I subscribe too) when I saw an article on notebooks and outliners. I quickly browsed the article and saw the usual suspects (OmniOutliner, Circus Ponies, and NoteTaker) and grrrg... again no Hog Bay Notebook.

But yeah! I was wrong...

Hog Bay Notebook was listed in the article right along with the big boys, but with the major heading 'Notebook' since 'Hog Bay Notebook' is to hard to fit anywhere. Maybe it's been mentioned all along and I've just been missing it. Hopefully the next version 'Forest' will earn the elusive fifth star and have a more distinctive title so I recognize it when I see it.

Thanks Macworld, we will eat out tonight!