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I, Too, Want My Technorati Back

Let me join those complaining about the quality of the free ice cream that is Techorati http://www.technorati.com/ these days:

Making Light: Baby, pull yourself together: Technorati... gives me the same set of outdated incoming links over and over again, reshuffling their order, sometimes swapping one out only to swap it back in again an hour later. I wrote my post about the giant popsicle meltdown yesterday morning. By early evening I learned that it was picking up considerable linkage. How? Not from Technorati... it gave me the same old reshuffled links it'd been showing me all week. The links it had missed, at least the ones I know about, included BoingBoing, Metafilter, Crooked Timber, Majikthise, and Sisyphus Shrugged.... When Technorati can't tell you that you've been simultaneously BoingBoinged and Metafiltered--an event that can shut down a low-bandwidth site--it is formally useless.

Bummer. I am definitely in the market for a replacement....

Patrick Nielsen Hayden... (My experience with the beta site is that large parts of it, like "sort incoming links by 'most authority,'" simply don't work at all; you wait forever for no result.) (We both realize this is arguably a variety of complaining about the free ice cream, and yet.)