Department of "Huh?" (Iraqi Casualties Edition)
Joseph Ferrie and Werner Troesken Go to 19th Century Chicago

Le Grand Blond Aardvark avec Une Chasseure [Ahem! Chaussure] Noire

Abu Aardvark sends coded messages through his choice of footwear:

Abu Aardvark: Observations on visiting DC : (1) If you have two young kids and you're really exhausted, pay extra attention to what you pack. Maybe even do it the night before instead of waiting until the last minute. That way, you might not find yourself with two different shoes when you go to put on your work clothes. Because of all the things which might impress a high-powered government panel, wearing two different shoes - both black, but not even a little bit similar in design - probably is not one of them.

(2) Starbucks is getting out of hand. Down in the GWU / Foggy Bottom area, I swear to god there really is a Starbucks on every single corner. So when your friend says "let's meet at the Starbucks down by GW", it might be a good idea to get more details in advance...