Department of "Urrk!"
Department of "Urk!"

More Complaints About the Economist

Fontana Labs is unhappy:

Unfogged: Did I pay too much for this content? This gives you some evidence that this week's Economist really does include a column advising 'America should stay, but stay to win.' I read this at the gym yesterday, and, if I remember it right, it says nothing substantive about what 'staying to win' might be or how to accomplish it. Really? Stay to win? I was thinking maybe we should stay to draw out the quagmire or to further our loss of international prestige. Most importantly, the column says nothing about the real problem, namely, that a satisfying outcome can be achieved only with resources (troop levels, in particular) that we simply don't have. Without that nonexisting supplement, we're only postponing disaster, at best.

I really need to rethink my subscription priorities.