Notes: URAP Project 2: Fall 2005: Analyzing Marty Weitzman, "A Unified Bayesian Theory of Equity 'Puzzles'"
Germany's Revealed Comparative Advantage in High-End Front-Loading Washing Machines

Reasons to Be Cheerful

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Charles Kenny (2005), "Why Are We Worried About Income? Nearly Everything that Matters is Converging," World Development 33:1, pp. 1–19.

Summary. — Convergence of national GDP/capita numbers is a common, but narrow, measure of global success or failure in development. This paper takes a broader range of quality of life variables covering health, education, rights and infrastructure and examines if they are converging across countries. It finds that these measures are converging as a rule and (where we have data) that they have been converging for some time. The paper turns to a discussion of what might be driving convergence in quality of life even as incomes diverge, and what this might mean for the donor community.