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The Greenspan Era

In this morning's mail. And drat--it happens after school starts for the kids:

The Greenspan Era: Lessons for the Future

A Symposium Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 25-27, 2005

Friday August 26: Chair: Roger Ferguson (FRB)

Alan Blinder (Princeton) and Ricardo Reis (Princeton), "Economic Performance in the Greenspan Era: The Evolution of Events and Ideas." Discussants: Alan Meltzer (Carnegie-Mellon), John Taylor (Stanford).

Robert Hall (Stanford), "Business Cycle Dynamics and Monetary Policy." Discussants: Charles Bean (Bank of England), Greg Mankiw (Harvard).

Sebastian Edwards, "Current Account Imbalances: How Will They End?" Discussants: Barry Eichengreen (Berkeley), Catherine Mann (IIE).

Robert Rubin (Citigroup), Lunch.

Saturday August 27: Chair: Malcolm Knight (BIS)

Raghuram Rajan (IMF), "Financial Marketws, Financial Fragility, and Central Banking." Discussants: Donald Kohn (FRB), Hyun Hong Shin (LSE).

Michael Woodford (Princeton), "Central Bank Transparency and Monetary Policy." Discussant: Tiff Macklem (Bank of Canada).

Kazumasa Iwata (Bank of Japan), Mervyn King (Bank of England), Jean-Claude Trichet (ECB), "Monetary Policy Strategies: A Central Bank Panel."

Alan Greenspan (FRB), "Reflections on Central Banking."