A Recipe: Chips-and-Salsa Sandwiches
John "Bug Food" Muir

Canon del Rio de los Reyes

Kings Canyon is absolutely beautiful. How come I have never been here before?

I do have one reprogramming request to make of the Universe. It seems that whenever we head for the mountains, hot weather follows us--so that we are far hotter at 6000 feet than we are at our 250-foot-above-sea-level house (where we did not even get air conditioning until 2003). Last time we went to Lake Tahoe it was 97F in Truckee. When we went to Yosemite it was 95F at the Merced River Bridge (and boy did yesterday's snow melt feel good!). When we went to Banff it was 90F--and when we dipped down onto the plain to go to the Royal Tyrrel "More Albertosaurus Skeletons Than You Ever Imagined Existed" Museum it touched 97F.

And now 93F here at Cedar Grove.

One more reprogramming request: the trail from Road's End to Mist Falls is indeed lovely, but Mist Falls generates insufficient mist. More mist!