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The Wintel computer has been acting very oddly this morning...

Are there now viruses on the Wintel platform that note when they are being scanned and turn the machine off before they can be deleted? That would explain it.

Yes, I know that I am paranoid. But I'll always be paranoid, until the day when:

[f]or the humans remaining around, a moment of horror, staring at their displays, realizing that all their fears were true (not realizing how much worse was true)...

And when the Thermador oven-repair technician came, he said that his "real worry was not that the heating element had blown, but that when the heating element blew out it also shorted out the oven's computer." Why does an oven need a computer? Why does our air conditioner need a computer?

So far today we have found 196 pieces of admalware and 247 pieces of other malware on the Wintel machine. I guess we shouldn't have left it on and connectd to the internet while we went on vacation, huh?