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Why Oh Why Are We Ruled by These Idiots? (Social Security Edition)

From the Carpetbagger Report, who (which?) reads the Washington Times:

Carpetbagger Report: I have assumed for months that the White House, and probably the president himself, are aware of the fact that the drive to privatize Social Security is a complete debacle. Perhaps I misjudged their capacity for self-deception.... [T]hey can read polls just like everyone else, and surely they know this is a fiasco, right? Apparently not.

When congressional leaders met with Mr. Bush last week, they were surprised that the president didn't know how much trouble his plan was in, said a source close to the meeting who requested anonymity. "The more he talked about it, the worse it got," said the source, who worked in previous Republican administrations. "This White House does not encourage negative feedback. You know that Bush's legislative affairs office is dysfunctional because they weren't bringing any of the warning signs back to the White House."

When Bush speaks on the issue publicly, I expect him to deny reality and insist he's making progress on privatizing Social Security. This president has no policy expertise, so cheerleading is expected when he holds publicly-funded private rallies with pre-screened sycophants. But when he meets with his fellow Republicans on the Hill, and there are no cameras or reporters, Bush should be willing to acknowledge reality and adapt for the future.

Except he's not. Bush apparently isn't even aware of the political problem he's created for himself and his party. It's stunning...