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A Few Words About Shrillblog

A few words about Shrillblog:

The Ancient and Hermetic Order of the Shrill is for all of us who have been driven into shrill unholy madness by the mendacity, stupidity, incompetence, recklessness, and idiocy of the Bush administration and its allies. Recent inductees--voluntary and involuntary--include Ginmar, Dexter Filkins, Michael Moss, Eliot Cohen, Burton Lee, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Joe Gandelman.

Should you qualify, your personal copy of the Krugmanomicon (along with additional promotional material containing many valuable offers) will soon be on its way. Do not read more than ten pages a day, under pain of falling even further into shrill unholy madness. When you are in your non-human form, or even if you just believe that you are in your non-human form, remember not to devour any endangered amphibians. We had some... problems with the former regional director of the EPA.

Pray vainly to the dead, uncaring stars at least once a month, preferably when the moon is in the second decant.

The Miskatonic University homecoming, pep rally, barbecue (really don't ask), leaf-watching, and eldritch horror viewing will be held on October 33. Driving directions to picturesque Arkham, Massachusetts will follow. Beware Shoggoths on the road near South Campus at moonrise. On no account allow Yog-Sothoth to divert you from the South Gate to the Nadir Gate.

We continue to work on understanding the fell and arcane mysteries. For example: Richard Cheney. Thirty years ago Richard Cheney was the White House Chief of Staff who ran Gerald Ford's tough-but-fair policy process, and was the best friend of Paul O'Neill. Thirteen years ago Richard Cheney was a determined opponent of America's getting sucked into the Iraqi quagmire. Today?... Well, we all know. What has happened? Replaced by a fell servitor beast casting a hypnotic glamour? Controlled by implants from afar implanted by uebermenschen escaped from a Charlie Stross novel? Or was his mind sucked out and replaced by the mere act of reading the dread Book of PNAC?