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A Scot in Texas in the Summer

A Scot in Texas in the summer seems like an alien on an alien planet, without his environment suit. Hey guys--this is cruel and unusual punishment. Invite him to conferences in November or February instead:

Charlie Stross - Downside: On the downside: the hotel has a swimming pool and a hot tub. But the pool is, at most, ten metres long -- it's so bloody short that swimming lengths is just not feasible. (To get my muscles working I need enough room to go in a straight line for more than about two strokes.) Moreover, the outside environment is not conducive to my #2 exercise strategy, going for a brisk walk; it's flat (no hills to get the blood moving) and the temperature's oscillating between 30 and 40 degrees (several degrees above my melting point). I guess I'll just have to watch my food intake, and hole up in the hot tub with some beer. Swimming can wait until I go home.

I feel his pain. When we were in the Central Valley I was very tempted by the Sequoia Brewing Company's homemade "log-splitter"--a 20 proof beer.

I've found that if one gets up at 3 AM and drives straight in any direction for 30 miles, it's below 80F and you can see the stars. I've never figured out why humans don't turn nocturnal in Texas (or in the Central Valley) in the summer.