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Clueless in Gaza

For more than thirty years Ariel Sharon has worked tirelessly to raise these demons. Now he is trying to deal with them. - Israeli pull-out inflames passions: Harvey Morris in Neve Dekalim, Gaza: Settlers comparing Mr Sharon to Adolf Hitler, or the police and soldiers who have come to evict them to Jewish death camp collaborators, appeared to have lost all sense of history.... Their perspective may have been skewed... by years of being feted as Isral's new pioneers, particularly after the right-wing Likud party came to power for the first time in 1977.... [T]he settlers could in the past always count on political allies, not least Mr Sharon, to advance their cause.... "There's a crack in the people and that's what this government wants," said Yehuda Glick, head of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem that looks forward to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple on the site of the al-Aqsa mosque complex in Jerusalem....

"The true Zionists are the people who hang tough here," said a former Wall Street tax attorney, who would only give his first name, Michael.... "I stand here as a Zionist with full faith in God that this will not happen."... Jabotinsky's Zionist Revisionists, spiritual forerunners of Mr Sharon's Likud, whose territorial aspirations once even included what is now Jordan.... As a poster alongside the burning barricades outside the Neve Dekalim synagogue read: "Bush and Sharon have declared war on God and his Bible."

We wish him luck.