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When looking for food in Jackson Hole, the preferred options are:

  1. Go down to the Snake River, catch a trout, build a wood fire by the bank, cook the trout, and eat it.
  2. If that's not possible (either because of a lack of time, a lack of fire-making skills, or a fear of a close encounter with an ursus horribilis in the mood for either trout or east African plains ape), catch a trout, carry it back to a restaurant, and ask them to cook it for you.
  3. If that's not possible, go to a restaurant and order trout.
  4. If that's not possible, grab the pre-cooked trout from the buffet steam table.
  5. If that's not possible, think about how good trout would taste.

In other news from Jackson Hole, I was pleased to see Janet Yellen standing up for the eastern face of the Sierra Nevada as the equal of--and perhaps superior to--the eastern face of the Grand Tetons in beauty and majesty. Federal Reserve bank presidents should stand up for the mountains of their own Federal Reserve districts.