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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Chris Matthews Calls B---s--- on His Own Show Edition)

If Chris Matthews says that what pro-administration right-wingers say--unchallenged--on his show is b---s---:

Hardball with Chris Matthews - MSNBC.com: MATTHEWS: What I keep doing here is asking people on and off camera who come on this program, high-ranking officers, enlisted, former officers. I get sometimes, not all the time, two different versions, the version they give me on the air and the version they give me the minute when we‘re off the air.

The version they give me when we‘re on the air is gung-ho, we‘re doing the right thing, everything is moving along. The version they give me off the air is, Rumsfeld is crazy. There aren‘t enough troops over there. We‘re not taking this seriously enough, or, we shouldn‘t be there, sometimes.... It isn‘t always a straight scoop when you go on television with people...

who am I to argue?

Still, shouldn't he have told this to all of us years ago?