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Ah. Ann Althouse of Madison writes that the London police's shoot-to-kill policy should not be revised or rethought, but continued:

Althouse: How dangerous is that shoot-to-kill policy of the London police?: It's terrible that the poor man [Jean Charles de Menezes] was shot to death yesterday by the London police who had reason to think he was a terrorist. But should we worry that the shoot-to-kill policy will result in more deaths?... [E]veryone -- at least in London -- now knows not to run from the police, especially not onto a train and while wearing bulky clothing. Is it not true that yesterday's sad mistake has already solved the problem it represents? In fact, a further good has been created: as ordinary persons change their behavior and drop the bulky clothing and unnecessary running, the real terrorists will stand out more. Indeed, if anyone ever behaves like Jean Charles de Menezes again, the presumption that he is a terrorist will be so overwhelmingly strong that the police really must kill him....

If I understand her argument, is is that:

  1. It's a bad thing that Jean Charles de Menzies acted suspiciously and was shot.
  2. Given the mortal danger you put yourself in by acting suspiciously, no one who is innocent in London will ever act suspiciously again.
  3. Therefore calm down: there's nothing wrong that will happen in the future as a result of the kill-suspicious-people-on-sight policy of the London police.
  4. In fact, the London police not only should but must continue their kill-suspicious-people-on-sight policy--because in the future the only people they shoot and kill will be terrorists.

Wingnut. Idiot.

Jimmy Madison is spinning in his grave. Attach magnets to him and we could power Chicago!