The Problem of Hurricane Katrina Is Solved
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Stupidest Man Alive

It's time for our once-every-three-months task of laying down a marker that National Review's Donald Luskin is indeed the stupidest man alive. It's a thankless task. But somebody needs to do it.

Today we have:

SO THIS NEWS WASN'T FIT TO PRINT? The New York Times keeps saying that Katrina was a disaster that "everyone knew was coming". But apparently not. On Sunday, August 28, the newspaper of record wrote not one single story about it. Check this out, at Neuro-Conservative.

However, if you look on page A14 of the Sunday, August 28, 2005 New York Times, you will find a photo and a caption. The caption reads:

Residents of New Orleans boarded up stores and homes yesterday as Hurricane Katrina began heading their way. President Bush declared a state of emergency in Louisiana, and a spokesman urged people to heed evacuation orders. The storm is expected to strengthen before reaching land tomorrow.

Contrary to what Luskin believes, the New York Times knew and said on August 28 that Hurricane Katrina was headed for New Orleans. Everyone with a brain knew Hurricane Katrina was coming. Even Bush knew that Hurricane Katrina was headed for New Orleans. See: