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From Kevin Drum

The Washington Monthly: MIKE BROWN WATCH.... I suppose that piling on FEMA chief Mike Brown will get old eventually, but this is too rich not to pass along:

In 2002, a pair of FBI agents showed up at a small, well-known law firm near Oklahoma City, asking questions about Mike Brown, a former employee being considered for a job at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There, Stephen Jones, a lawyer best known for defending bomber Timothy McVeigh, recalled how he hired Brown fresh from law school two decades earlier. He'd been impressed by Brown's stint on a nearby city council. But just a few years later, Jones and the other four partners decided to split the firm. To minimize job loss, they unanimously agreed to keep 35 of their 37 employees. Brown was not one of them.

"He did not develop the way we wanted," Jones said this week. "He was average. Maybe that's the best way to put it." Brown was pleasant enough, if a bit opportunistic, Jones said, but he did not put enough time and energy into his job. "He would have been better suited to be a small city or county lawyer," he said. Jones was surprised Brown was being considered for job at FEMA but figured it wasn't impossible he could have risen high enough in local and state government to be considered for a job directing FEMA operations in Oklahoma.

The agents quickly corrected him. This was a national post in Washington, deputy director of FEMA, the arm of the federal government that prepares for and responds to disasters around the United States. Jones looked at the agents, "You're surely kidding?"

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan for some reason tries to shield the guy who hired Brown, and who continues to praise and protect Brown to this day:

www.AndrewSullivan.com - Daily Dish : This really isn't or shouldn't be a pro-Bush, anti-Bush, left or right issue. We had a catastrophe and the government was incompetent in response - at all levels. Given the threat still over us since 9/11, it's simply responsible to ensure we get accountability and reform at the federal level especially before the next disaster. Would you want Michael Brown to be FEMA head if al Qaeda attacked a major city with chemical weapons? This isn't about politics. It's about a functional government in wartime.

Accountability at the federal level would be a very good idea. Would you want a person who hired, praised, and defended Brown to be at the head of the federal government if... if... if... if anything happened whatsoever?

Impeach George W. Bush. Impeach him now.