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From Scrivenings:

Scrivenings: FEMA Official Says Brown and Chertoff Ignored Warnings : Anyone who's been sympathetic with attempts to deflect criticism onto state and local officials should go listen to this story from Morning Edition that was playing as I drove in to school this morning. Leo Bosner, the official at FEMA in charge of the unit that alerts officials of impending crises and manages the response says that he sent a very strongly-worded report (I remember a phrase very similar to: "has the potential to be the greatest disaster FEMA has ever had to respond to") to Mike Brown and to Chertoff three days before the hurrican hit the Gulf states. He says at the end of his overnight shift he sent that email out, expecting that by the time he returned to work for his next shift a massive mobilization of food and response teams would be underway.

Instead, he came back to headquarters and found that virtually nothing at all had been done. It was like, he says, his building was on fire and he had pulled the lever on a fire alarm, but instead of crews of fire fighters responding to the scene, the lever had just come off in his hand and he had discovered that nothing was there. This is a man who has been working with FEMA ever since the agency was created 26 years ago, and he indicates that he was simply shocked by the non-response of the entire organization.

He talks about a few people at FEMA still two days ahead of the storm saying that buses should be mobilized to evacuate the city and that serious precautions should be underway, but none of the higher-ups would listen or respond.... Only after the storm hit did FEMA even begin to mobilize, and by then, Bosner says, they were simply playing catch-up and had missed the window of opportunity...

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