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A Very Good First Weblog Post

Mathematician vs. Philosopher has a very good first weblog post:

Mathematician vs. Philosopher: So this is the inaugural post for Mathematician vs. Philosopher. Eventually, this site will blossom into a formidable team blog, where the uneducated masses will come to dip their dirty heads into our trough of knowledge and irreverent commentary -- supping until they are filled full of our unique brand of highly-informed and magnificently-recorded insolence.

But that's eventually. Presently, the site is more like a drunken street person -- staggering about in all directions and yelling in an agitated fashion, but not making a lot of sense, nor looking terribly fabulous for the effort. And is that lady over on that corner a little bit frightened? Yes, I think she is.... [S]it back and watch your respect for us plummet.