Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Sourcing Edition)
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America's Silliest Dog Strikes Back

Reactions to America's Silliest DogTM, Rancho Laguna Park, October 15 AM. America's Silliest DogTM is five years and three months old:

4: What a cute Lab puppy!
3: How old is your Lab puppy?
3: Off. Off! Down!!
2: How do you get your dog to run like that? I wish my dog would run.
2: How did your dog get so muddy?
1: Where did she find that branch?
1: No jump! No jump!
1: It must be nice to have a puppy.
1: When she grows up, you should get her a companion dog to play with to keep her active.

UPDATE: For some reason, nobody said: "I see your dog likes to roll in horse urine-soaked hay."