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Daniel Gross on Greenspan's Successor

Clark's Economic History of the World

Greg Clark is writing a short book. It looks excellent--although he does, I think, place much too much stress on increasing prudence as the driver of the Industrial Revolution:

The Conquest of Nature: A Brief Economic History of the World, 10,000 BC-2000 AD :

  1. Introduction
  2. The Logic of the Malthusian Economy
  3. Living Standards
  4. Fertility
  5. Mortality
  6. Technological Change in the Malthusian Era
  7. Economic Change before 1800
  8. Explaining Modern Growth
  9. The Problem of the Industrial Revolution
  10. The Industrial Revolution in England
  11. The Social Consequences of the Industrial Revolution
  12. The Great Divergence – World Economic Growth since 1800
  13. The Proximate Sources of Divergence
  14. Explaining Divergence