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NYT, please don't let Jodi Wilgoren write about evolution anymore

P.Z. Myers gets hives by reading the _New York Times_:

NYT, please don't let Jodi Wilgoren write about evolution anymore: She's hurting the children.

Look at how she reports on the rebuke of Kansas's science standards by the NAS and NSTA.

Two leading science organizations have denied the Kansas Board of Education permission to use their copyrighted materials as part of the state's proposed new science standards because of the standards' critical approach to evolution.

We like critical approaches to science, at least when they're intelligently done. Her very first sentence put me on edge.... As expected, buried deeper in the article, we discover the real reason:

In the statement and in letters to the state board, the groups opposed the standards because they would single out evolution as a controversial theory and change the definition of science itself so that it is not restricted to the study of natural phenomena. A third organization, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, echoed those concerns in a news release supporting the copyright denial, saying, "Students are ill served by any effort in science classrooms to blur the distinction between science and other ways of knowing, including those concerned with the supernatural."

I guess they're just following the new strategy of Mike Behe and the Discovery Institute: use such a vague and sloppy definition of science that astrology can fit under it.

But of course, Jodi Wilgoren doesn't care. She doesn't know anything.