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And a Pony!

Ponies for everyone! Belle Waring has still written the Best Weblog Post Ever:

John & Belle Have A Blog: If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride -- A Pony! : [W]ishes are totally free. It's like when you can't decide whether to daydream about being a famous Hollywood star or having amazing magical powers. Why not -- be a famous Hollywood star with amazing magical powers! Along these lines, John has developed an infallible way to improve any public policy wishes. You just wish for the thing, plus, wish that everyone would have their own pony! So... not only wish that Bush would say a lot of good things about democracy-building and fighting terrorism in a speech written for him by a smart person... also wish that Bush should actually mean the things he says and enact policies which reflect this, and he should wish that everyone gets a pony. See?

I am reminded of this by Jim Henley of Unqualified Offerings:

Time to Get Serious!: Yglesias quotes Harry Reid pontificating on the matter of Iraq:

The time has come for the Bush Administration to stop driving blind and make sure its plans coincide with real-life in Iraq's neighborhood. We need a regional strategy that induces Iraq's neighbors to act responsibly; accepts other countries' offers to train Iraqis; seals the border with Syria; and shifts spending to smaller, Iraqi-run projects that have a chance at success.

  1. To coin a phrase, And a pony! (Belle, you hereby owe every libertarian on Earth an apology.)
  2. You call that a strategy!? I can beat that! I hereby call for the appointment of an Iraq War Czar.

There! I am now the most officially serious strategist EVAR.

And, of course, by Duncan Black, the Incomparable Atrios: