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Cheney Is All Alone

Gary Farber notes that even John "Death Squads Buried Their Victims Under My Airport" Negroponte won't support Dick "Waterboarding" Cheney:

Amygdala: WHEN EVEN NEGROPONTE WON'T SPEAK UP FOR TORTURE, you know that brave Vice-President Cheney is leading a truly heroic charge for the need to torture.

At a secret briefing for U.S. Senators on Oct. 26, Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte was pointedly neutral on Vice President Dick Cheney's Capitol Hill lobbying on to have the CIA exempted from legislation banning mistreatment of detainees, a senior U.S. intelligence official tells TIME. "It's above my pay grade," the spymaster said, then artfully dodged another question about whether the harsher interrogation tactics Cheney wants the agency to be free to use actually produce valuable intelligence.