Problem Set 5: Econ 101b: Fall 2005
Problem Set 6: Econ 101b: Fall 2005

Syllabus Part II: Economics 101b Fall 2005

Economics 101b Fall 2005

Syllabus Part II

October 14, 17: Japan's Decade-Long Slump

Readings: Paul Krugman, “Japan’s Liquidity Trap”
Adam Posen, “Macroeconomic Mistake, Not Structural Stagnation”
Adam Posen, “Recognizing a Mistake: Not Blaming a Model”

October 19, 21, 24: Europe's High Unemployment

Readings: Olivier Blanchard and Lawrence Summers (1986), "Hysteresis and the European Unemployment Problem"
Olivier Blanchard and Justin Wolfers (1999), "Shocks and Institutions in European Unemployment"
Olivier Blanchard (2004), "The Economic Future of Europe"

October 26, 28, 31: America's "New Economy"

Readings: Alan Blinder and Janet Yellen (2001), The Fabulous Decade: Macroeconomic Lessons from the 1990s (New York: Century Foundation)
William Nordhaus (2004), "The Story of a Bubble"

November 2, (no class on the 4th), 7, 9: Emerging Market Financial Crises:

Readings: Michael Mussa (2002), Argentina and the Fund: From Triumph to Tragedy
Morris Goldstein (1998), The East Asian Financial Crisis

November 14, 16: America's Current Macroeconomic Dilemma

Readings: Lecture notes to be issued...