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Ah. FISA Is Not Quite a Rubber Stamp

Ah. The FISA court is not quite a rubber stamp:

United Press International - NewsTrack - Bush was denied wiretaps, bypassed them : U.S. President George Bush decided to skip seeking warrants for international wiretaps because the court was challenging him at an unprecedented rate. A review of Justice Department reports to Congress by Hearst newspapers shows the 26-year-old Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court modified more wiretap requests from the Bush administration than the four previous presidential administrations combined.

The 11-judge court that authorizes FISA wiretaps modified only two search warrant orders out of the 13,102 applications approved over the first 22 years of the court's operation. But since 2001, the judges have modified 179 of the 5,645 requests for surveillance by the Bush administration, the report said. A total of 173 of those court-ordered "substantive modifications" took place in 2003 and 2004. And, the judges also rejected or deferred at least six requests for warrants during those two years -- the first outright rejection of a wiretap request in the court's history.

But this has me even more worried: FISA rejected the communications interceptions and they went and did them anyway?

Impeach George Bush. Impeach Richard Cheney. Do it now.