I *Hate* the Way This Administration Makes Me into a Nutbar Conspiracy Theorist
Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (New York Times Edition)

Dan Froomkin's "Cooking with Walnuts"

Dan Froomkin's brother Michael writes about:

Discourse.net: The Blogs Are Cooking With Dan : [T]he great attraction of the readers' suggestion that Dan's [White House Briefing] column be re-named "Dan Froomkin's 'Cooking with Walnuts'"...

There is an interesting question here. As long as Dan Froomkin's work is sold under the title "White House Briefing" or Dana Milbank's under the title "Washington Sketch" or Ana Marie Cox's under the title "Wonkette", should they leave their organizations they could be easily replaced, and the titles and audiences would remain. If the title is "Ana Marie Cox, special to Gawker Media" or "Dana Milbank's Washington Sketch" or "Dan Froomkin's 'Cooking with Walnuts'," the writer can leave and (unless he or she has sold his or her name to the company) pull a great deal of the audience along with the move. This matters at salary negotiation time. It also matters for long-run career development. And it matters for the economics of the media.