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When Interior Secretaries Attack!

Dana Milbank on life as a journalist: here he describes being the subject of a fangs-bared leap by attack gerbil Gail Norton:

Post Politics Hour : Q: Washington, D.C.: Dana,Loved your column on Gail Norton telling those who would ask how long ANWR would supply the country, "it doesn't work that way." My question is, did she exhibit any shame when making this comment? Any shame at all?

Dana Milbank: No. In fact, she seemed quite indignant when the questioner (me) posed the question. I wasn't asking it as a loaded matter. She had said the ANWR oil would keep California fueled for 16 years and New Hampshire fueled for 300-something years, so I thought it natural to ask how long it would keep the whole country going. When she refused to answer and suggested that my question had certain hostile assumptions, I knew the number must be very low. And, indeed, it was not quite a year and a half.

I would have thought it would have been two years. After all, California is about 1/8 the country, and New Hampshire is about 1/150.