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Covering the Economy: January 27 GDP Advance Report: New York Times

Covering the BEA January 27 GDP Release

There's news--lots of news--lots of bad news--in the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis's "advance" release on GDP and the state of the economy in the fourth quarter of 2005. So I'm going to want to spend class on Tuesday, January 31 looking at (a) what the Thursday morning economic news was, and (b) how it was reported:

Here's how it was being covered on the morning of the 27:

BEA January 27 GDP Report

Full report in pdf format at:

Economist (Kash Mansouri) Instant Reaction

Reuters Immediate Wire Story

WSJ Friday Morning Release Roundup

WSJ Economists React

WSJ Chartbook

Later on: Economists:

Menzie Chinn writes about the Trade Balance and the 2005:IV GDP Advance Release

Barry Ritholtz Reacts to the GDP Number

Tim Duy watches the Federal Reserve

Macroblog is disturbed And confused

Later on: Journalists:

The New York Times Saturday morning story: U.S. Economy Slowed Sharply at End of 2005 - New York Times: By EDUARDO PORTER and VIKAS BAJAJ .

LA Times Saturday morning story by Bill Sing

Greg Ip's Saturday morning WSJ story