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Deborah Howell Tells Us the Washington Post Should Fire Herself

Atrios finds Deborah Howell advising us that the Washington Post should fire herself for getting the facts wrong:

GRADUATION: Bureau chief gives grads Top 10 list : 10. Accuracy is not just the most important thing; it%u2019s the only thing. The American Society of Newspaper Editors recently did an excellent study on the credibility problems of American newspapers. The No. 1 complaint is that newspapers just don't get facts right. Misspelled names and words; wrong addresses; wrong times. Simple stuff. This is not rocket science. When a job seeker writes me a letter and misspells my name or has my title wrong or a misspelled word or a grammar error, I either ashcan the letter or write and tell them to get a new trade.

Ah. But that was then. Now things are very different. Now Deborah Howell says: - The Editors Talk About Site Policies, Design and Goals : I've heard from lots of angry readers about the remark in my column Sunday that lobbyist Jack Abramoff gave money to both parties. A better way to have said it would be that Abramoff "directed" contributions to both parties.