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Department of "Huh"?

Amanda Marcotte http://www.pandagon.net/archives/2006/01/nothing_like_so.htmlpoints us to a profile of Marshall Whitman.

I understand how a centrist can cross and recross the aisle, bouncing from right-wing Democrat to left-wing Republican and back again. But Marshall Whitman: Ralph Yarborough, Eugene McCarthy, Young Spartacists, Radical Zionist Alliance, United Farm Workers, National Treasury Employees Union, National Association of Retired Federal Employees, Linda Chavez for Senate, Jews for George [H.W.] Bush, Republican DAS in Health and Human Services with the job not of making policy but of keeping the anti-abortion crusaders on the reservation, spokesman for Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, Heritage Foundation liaison with Congress, Hudson Institute, John McCain, Democratic Leadership Council?

Does he believe in anything at all?

How could we tell if he does?