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Imposter: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America...

James Wolcott praises Bruce Bartlett's book-to-be,Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy:

James Wolcott: Bartlett's Quotations: Compared to [George W.] Bush, [Clinton] looks like a competent, responsible, functioning adult. And I suspect that by 2008 a lot of Republicans are going to be secretly hankering for a Hillary presidency to put Bush's manifold wrongs right. As for the Bush Legacy, Bartlett speculates:

"I think [Republicans] will eventually think of Bush the way earlier Republicans thought of Nixon--as someone who severely undermined the party and its principles just to get reelected. Not only did Nixon come close to exterminating the Republican Party with Watergate, he put in place policies that continue to burden the economy to this day--all to win one lousy election in 1972. I think Bush and his congressional enablers basically did the same thing in 2004. Bush's motives may have been higher than Nixon's--Bush believes he is fighting a holy war against terrorism, whereas Nixon was simply selfish--but the results may be the same."

I think Wolcott pushes things to far: I certainly wouldn't call Clinton a "competent, responsible, functioning adult." In policy matters, yes. In personal matters... If Clinton comes within a hundred yards of my daughter, I'm getting out the shotgun.