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In comments, Dennis agrees with Jeff Leen:

Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: Sociology of Journalism : [David Rosenbaum's] April 3, 2002 [story] talked about the issue. So did a far superior piece by Jim VandeHei (now part of the WP) in the Wall Street Journal on July 3, 2000. And if you want the first article that explained the Tribal scam you could dig up the 12-16-1995 article in The National Journal by Kirk Victor: "Rolling the Dice with Republicans" (not online, at least not that I can find).

The Abramoff Scandal has been hiding in plain sight for more than a decade. I started researching Abramoff back in 1999 because of his links to sweatshops on Saipan.... While the details have been reported, it was the Washington Post that connected the dots to the crimes that have been exposed. It was Susan Schmidt's Feb. 22, 2004 article "A Jackpot From Indian Gaming Tribes" on Jack's Tribal casino scam that led McCain to start his investigation...